popShot up for grabs

A handy screenshot tool wrapped up neatly

Panel Hotkey ⌘⇧2 opens up the popShot control panel.
Silent Hotkey ⌘⇧1 fires a shot with settings from the control panel. Perfect for repetitive tasks.

popShot adds ease of use and more control to your everyday workflow. Stay organized with quick naming and labelling options and set your preferred output directory dynamically.

Grab screenshots to URL and share instantly. Automatically copies to clipboard for you to paste in a mail or on a social network. Get a batch of URLs with a single click.

Output screenshots directly to your favourite App. popShot stores all the information and settings from one session to another for future efficiency and personal preference.

Nothing new just something better

Grab to URL share instantly

Immediate control intuitive interface

Up for grabs give it a shot